Hot Topics:

Theme: Innovation, Cooperating and Developing for the Future

Main Forum:

Focusing on the theme of “Extensive Consultations, Joint Contributions and Sharing Benefits for Innovative and Cooperative Development,” representatives of various economies are invited to share and discuss on topics that could promote economic growth, regional cooperation, and the scale of SMEs’ trade and investment to integrate into the global industry chain and value chain.

1. Keynote speech: Grasping the Opportunity of the Times

2. Interactive dialogue: Piloting the Development of the Era

Topic: Innovation Drives the Development of SMEs

Parallel Forum I

Theme: Build an Innovative City to Provide Developing Environment for SMEs

Content: The forum will focus on promoting and deepening economic exchange, coordination and collaboration between Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and APEC members from the perspective of the world. The key point will be on how Shenzhen could be built into a world-class high-tech innovation center, and create a world-class environment agreeable for the growth and development of SMEs. APEC members’ officials, international professional service organizations, well-known scholars at home and abroad, as well as representatives of outstanding local enterprises in Shenzhen will be invited to share opinions on the topic of changes of the business environment in Shenzhen over the past 40 years. Meanwhile, highlighting on the development of Shenzhen International Science and Technology Innovation Center, the development opportunities of SMEs and the coordinated advancement of large, medium and small-sized enterprises in the APEC region, government, enterprises, experts and scholars are catered with a high-level dialogue platform to discuss development issues. It is highly expected that Shenzhen, APEC members and even the world deepen their collaboration, working together to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable world-class environment that SMEs find appealing to develop. This will promote a win-win development for the SMEs between APEC members and a new impetus for the world economy.

Parallel Forum II

Theme: Innovative Development of High-Growth Enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Content: The forum will focus on showcasing the significant role of regional cooperation in promotion of local SMEs development by speeches, presentations and dialogues on the results and successful local cases of Shenzhen. The forum expects to deliver further confidence of future development with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Corridor as the core. Authoritative experts from national departments and commissions will be invited to brief on the Greater Bay Area blueprint and elaborate on the opportunities and challenges that may bring to SMEs. At the same time, through the sharing of results of high-growth SMEs, how the SMEs have achieved a rapid development by improving their entrepreneurial innovation capability will be revealed. The forum will also explore SMEs’ role in driving innovation, deepening exchange and cooperation in policy promotion, trade investment and technological innovation. Sharing of the innovation achievements are expected to help study the growing path of these enterprises.